iOS 10 : Top Features

iOS 10 features : iMessage, predictive text, notifications enhancements and more

iOS 9 launch brought appreciation for the new  operating system when it was introduced last year in the month of september. Key factors included...
new zealand bans software patent

New Zealand creates history ; Bans software patent in parliament vote

New zealand parliament has created history by banning any kind of software patent ; According to the new legislation ,  any kind of software...
Dark Soul 3

Dark Souls III: Early Game Leak

Ashes of Ariandel, Dark Souls III’s first DLC, has leaked ahead of it’s scheduled reveal. It was supposed to be out on 25th October...

Slingshot may be the answer for purest form of water in Rural areas

Slingshot is a water purifier developed by Dean Kamen , To run it any combustile fuel source can be used to power it and...

WordPress 3.5.2 released with major bugfixes

Second release of wordpress 3.5 ie wordpress 3.5.2 is now available for download and upgrade from previous version ;  fixing several bugs and security...
angry birds

5 most popular android games for your mobile

We opt for Android OS based mobile phone over Apple's iOS and Windows 8 expecting extensive  free android games and applications. Mobile games can...
validate json using python

How to validate json using Python script

JSON or Javascript Object notion is an open standard format with attribute value and pair. Lets go through the below script and see how can we validate JSON using a simple Python script.

Top 5 Excellent Ways to Boost your Internet Speed

Fast internet provides a lot of work to be done in a short span of time; sometimes a few tweaks can do wonders to...
Edit Plus vs. Notepad ++

Edit Plus vs. Notepad ++ : Comparison

Many developers had to give up one of the best editors for HTML : our dear Home-site. Such software in addition gave light, gave...
sap netweaver pi

Knowledgebase: SAP Process Integration(PI) Middleware

A Middleware acts as a sandwich between systems , In any organization data whether its an employee , vendor or clients data is stored...

WebP image format : Why now is not the right time

WebP is an emerging image format developed by Google that promises to reduce the file size, retaining your images up to 34% as compared...
apple nike+ watch

Apple And Nike Brings you Nike+,the Fitness watch

Two of the world's most innovative brands, Apple and Nike have joined hands to launch Nike+ , a sports watch. It can prove to...

How to Change the Default “Insert Picture” Location in Microsoft Word

When you insert a picture in a word document, MS Word always puts it in the default folder i.e. “Pictures Library” folder for selecting...
Four Simple Steps to use twitter

Four simple steps to use twitter

Twitter is a easy platform that keep you updated with what's happening in the world. There are many things that can keep you updated...

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moto-z 2 play

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