There is a boom in the luxury car market by the advent of Ferrari’s La Ferrari Aperta, officially introduced in the Paris Motor Show offers pleasures of open top. Reports indicate that the entire production run accessible has been sold out, though the price has not yet been confirmed. The convertible topless version is somewhat like La Ferrari coupe, with some tweaks to adjust the convertible top.

The convertible roof top is not a hindrance in the speed of the La Ferrari Aperta, as within 3 seconds it can hit 60 mph and 186 mph within flat 15 seconds, though this speed is not that much as compared to the hard top Ferrari, but still it is amazingly impressive.

Prospective buyers have an option to choose from two roof designs in the La Ferrari Aperta, one is the convertible carbon fiber hard top and the other is the convertible soft top. Ferrari Aperta is powered by 780bhp and 626cc V12 quipped with 120KW electric motor drive train, just as it is in the roofed one.

Not only this, you can continue your conversation even at high speed because of the integrated wind stop. The power train controlling the electronics is adjusted in such a manner to make it more efficient and competent. The Inconel exhaust system sound is very impressive even in the absence of the roof.

Ferrari to certain extent was successful in maintaining the brilliant performance of La Ferrari, so do not think that the convertible top of La Ferrari Aperta will slow down its performance, but you do need to spill out some more beans for it.

Full Specifications of La Ferrari

Total maximum power 963 CV
Total maximum torque >900 Nm
Maximum revs 9250 rpm
Electric motor output 120 Kw (163 CV)
CO2 emissions 340 g/km
Maximum speed over 350 km/h
0-100 km/h <3 sec
0-200 km/h <7 sec
0-300 km/h 15 sec
Length 4702 mm
Width 1992 mm
Height 1116 mm
Wheelbase 2650 mm
Weight distribution 41% fr, 59% r
Gearbox 7-speed DCT
Front double wishbones
Rear multi-link
Front 265/30 – 19
Rear 345/30 – 20
Front 398 x 223 x 36 mm
Rear 380 x 253 x 34 mm