The integration of Spotify/Sonos in August with high-end wireless speakers, gives users a seamless transition from listening music from mobile to home listening. Spotify app enables you to send whatever you’re playing on Sono speakers in your home. Your family and friends can also control your system through Spotify app, without even downloading Sonos software and there is no need of Wi-Fi network to control your Sonos, so you can send songs to it remotely.

Apart from this, you can group or ungroup rooms from your Sonos speakers as per your choice from the Spotify app only, means that you can control the volume of the speakers, this way you can get music in one room only or make your whole house lively with music. If your house is decked with Sonos speakers, there is no need for you to jump from app to app to tweak speaker specs while listening music, as both Spotify and Sonos are now in similar tie up with Pandora, providing services to its users to access and manage their smart speaker systems. Now you can control Spotify music and Sonos speakers both through the Spotify app.

Spotify Premium has the ability to control music played through Sonos system without opening the Sonos app. Not only this, Spotify Connect integration is available on desktop as well as mobile. Initially you could avail it on select devices and as part of Sonos Public Beta 7.0, but now the feature is available to all Spotify Premium users with Sonos music system. Apart from Apple Mac, Android and PC users, iOS users can also reap the control benefits.