WhatsApp is being one of the widely used messenger, has millions of active users. It is one of the best messaging app ever developed for mobile phones. At the same time the best things can also have some of the flaws, so does whatsapp has it’s few flaws which can be corrected by a small effort.

Whenever we receive any photos or videos on Whatsapp, it automatically saves it in our gallery folder, thereby increasing the unnecessary load on our handset which can sometime results into annoyance or lagging of phone too. To stop this, we have an option to block or to stop these videos, photos or spam photos from entering our gallery.

For our Android users, the WhatsApp provides an option that will help us to stop automatic downloading. Let’s follow these two simple steps:-

Step 1- Open Whats App and check the main window where all the chats are shown. Click the three vertical dots on the right hand side. Click on the settings.

Step 2- Click on to the Chat Settings and then tap onto the media auto download. We can get to see the 3 options: When using the cellular data; When connected on Wifi; When roaming. Click on to each one of them and disable the auto downloads by clicking on all of the options like images, audio and video.

For our Iphone users, the Whats App provides an effortless way to stop this automatic downloading by following two simple steps.

Step 1- You just have to open Whats App and click on to the option of Settings which is in the right side at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2- You will then get to see the Chat settings, click on it then it will take you to Save incoming media. Hit the off button.

This will stop you from seeing the images, videos that people are sending you. It will not be visible in your camera roll and the videos cannot be downloaded automatically without your permission.