iOS 10 : Top Features

iOS 9 launch brought appreciation for the new  operating system when it was introduced last year in the month of september. Key factors included , Siri and Smart search , which were new for apple devices and indeed, worked quite well neglecting few bugs. Launch of iOS 10 is another twilight in the line of operating system upgrades for iPhone and iPad devices. Lets dive into its features and see what comes in the baggage.

  • iMessage bubble : Now you can resize your message bubble while communication over SMS or chat using iMessage. Some pf the users have reported it to not work in their handsets in-spite of successful upgrade. After a deep analysis and hit and trial , I found out that it doesn’t work with reduced motion feature ,which many of the users enable to save battery.
  • Hidden Message in iMessage : Users can send a hidden message or picture using iMessage to ensure recipient doesn’t open in front of prying eye of the public. Recipient Just has to tap on the message to view it.
  • Notifications is much more prominent now , You can view a full message , video or a picture in notification box with just a right setting
  • Predictive Text and Actions : While typing something , new iOS 10 will try to parse and predict what that about. It might open a calendar , map or an app based on the text you are typing. Sometime it could be little nagging when its wrong , but usually it is accurate
  • Multilingual Typing : Now iPhone users dont have to worry about switching keyboard through options. They can type in multiple languages just by a tap of a button
  • Handwritten notes : iMessage fans can write in their handwriting to send a very creative message
  • Remote control your home : iOS 10 comes with a feature to interact with your smart devices. You can switch on or off your room lights, fans or the airconditioner , its totally up to you.