Microsoft is refurbishing its Paint Software with all new 3d version,though rumors  are set to not officially confirmed (or denied) by Microsoft. It is specifically designed for Windows 10. You can find the introduction of 3D in the Paint software, as known from the leaked videos will give 2D drawings a third dimension, which will bring things more closer to clarity.

Not only this, Microsoft Paint software will provide tools and brushes which will help you to draw in 3D. It will also display how software and hardware of Microsoft complement each other in Windows 10, and your PC desktop can experience a stylus and touch, with this improved version of the Paint App.

Artworks when created with 3D Paint App will make your inner self burst with excitement, as you can incorporate fish, flowers and other things to give life to your drawings and even more exciting will be that with MS paint, it would be something which you can manipulate in the air, right in front of yourself.

It is speculated that these 3D Paint creations can also be 3D printed models. As Auto desk’s spark have already been integrated with Windows 10, so it is quite possible that Paint 3D might not be a family friend and become an alternative to 3D render software. Don’t think that you will forget your professional creative tools, as Paint software is more for sketching, showcasing photos and other quick tasks.

It is expected that Microsoft will officially unveil its improvised Paint software on 26th October in New York and then only you will come to know more details. It might be quite challenging for the extended capability of MS Paint in the crowded world of 3D printing software.

Even more exciting to think that MS Paint could be something that you can manipulate in the air in front of you for art and creation that reveals an hidden artist inside you.