Edit Plus vs. Notepad ++

Many developers had to give up one of the best editors for HTML : our dear Home-site. Such software in addition gave light, gave us possibilities for customization, automation and more with an incredible ease.

But unfortunately, since 2009, Home-site was discontinued by Adobe that had already bought Macromedia and was in a certain way,succeeded by the new versions of Dreamweaver. With that, it continued his “features” basic, but running inside Dreamweaver, ended up well heavier and not as fast and agile as it was formerly.

And so, many developers have been looking for faster publishers without too many “firsts”, because in essence what we need to develop websites, regardless of language when we’re still talking about HTML, is speed, automation, and simplicity to make a code Pure and valid.

I researched and used for some time as well as various software for it, and what was closest near our dear Home site was a call Aptana who owned several integrations and facilities to work integrated already with back-end in PHP, Rails, .NET and several other languages, including JavaScript. But still, it’s a bit heavy and has a lot that would not be needed for the day to day. Many had already told me a great editor called Edit-Plus. Indeed, it is lightweight, has several features that help in day to day tasks, but unfortunately it was not free. A trial version of 30 days if they want to test can be downloaded.

Well, I used this editor let’s say for a few years but I was still not happy with some things that existed in the old home site and I was a bit frustrated when one day doing some replaces in several files simultaneously, I realized that the number of files found was different from Number of files updated after my replace. I did several times the same thing and several tests and I came to the conclusion that it really was a possible bug in the software and I went in search of a new editor.

Then also by appointment finally arrived in Notepad ++. I found what I was looking for. A lightweight editor , fast , smart , with just about everything you could do in Home site, from setup shortcuts to insert code to search and replaces Recursive with accuracy and speed expected, and on top totally free .