Dell Software now gives developers and DBAs a seamless connection to the Toad World user community with the release of Toad™ for Oracle® 12.0. Serving three million visitors each year, the new, completely redesigned Toad World puts the power of knowledge literally at the fingertips of Toad users by enabling easier navigation and encouraging greater engagement. Database professionals struggling to maintain productivity, while keeping up with increasing changes to the data landscape, can ask questions, interact with their peers and access a wealth of platform knowledge, all without leaving Toad. Toad is the foundation of Dell’s database development and administration product family. Designed to allow the greatest possible productivity in development and administration of databases, Toad enables developers and DBAs of all skill and experience levels to work efficiently and accurately. Now, with the ability to connect directly to all the intelligence in Toad World, they can maintain the high level of database knowledge needed for optimal performance, and quickly address everyday challenges such as coding errors and database performance issues. News Facts: Toad for Oracle 12.0 includes the following features: Forum window – provides access to the Toad World user community’s extensive knowledge base for Toad, Oracle, and general technology discussions. Database professionals can browse, search, ask questions and start discussions directly in the Toad forums, all while using Toad. Jump search capability – provides rapid automated search, so users get immediate contextual help on any Toad or Oracle topic inside or outside of Toad, even if they don’t know where to look. Users can type in the relevant search text, or go directly from an Oracle error message and jump to any Toad window or menu item, the Toad World community forum, or a support article to find what they need to solve their problem quickly. Multi-schema compare – allows fast simultaneous comparison of multiple schemas in source and destination environments, i.e., schemas in the database that need to be compared across both test and production environments. Private script repository – provides a secure, private repository for teams to share scripts and interact with the script’s owner to provide feedback, questions and comments, allowing greater productivity and higher code quality across the database team. Toad World repository – allows Toad for Oracle users to collaborate through script and file sharing via a secure public repository. MyToad (remote script execution) – enables mobility by allowing database professionals to execute scripts and perform actions in Toad using a web-based GUI from any mobile device or home computer. In addition to these enhancements, the newly redesigned Toad World: Allows users to connect with peers and world-renowned subject matter experts via discussion groups, forums and blogs; Provides a wealth of tools and resources to help database professionals get their jobs done quickly; Enables members to boost their own reputations by contributing to the content; and, Gives users access to free content including product betas, freeware downloads, wikis, and videos. Quotes: Darin Bartik, executive director of product management, Information Management, Dell Software “At Dell, we think a connected employee is a more efficient one. With the new Toad and Toad World releases, Dell connects its users to knowledge, and to other users on their team and around the world. Individuals and teams working with data and databases can be smarter and faster. In turn, business applications and processes that depend on this work can be released quickly, perform better, and cost less to operate. It’s a simple concept that we think will have a tremendous impact on our customers.” Availability and Pricing: Toad for Oracle 12.0 is available now, with current pricing starting at $955 USD.