Google has introduced a smart messaging app ‘Google Allo’ ,which enable its user to go beyond just messaging experience. This mobile app is available on Android and IOS. Unlike what’s app it helps you to express yourself better and let you have one stop for search engine as well as for messaging your loved ones. It’s one of the unique feature is virtual assistant that also provides user to pick smart replies without typing to choose from exploring search engine tool.

What’s in it for you?

  • Google Allo lets you stay connected with everyone through its send free SMS feature that allows you to send messages even to non-users.
  • The Incognito Mode in Google Allo would allow you keep your privacy on your fingertips, it disable Google from storing any of your messages on its servers.
  • New emoticons and fresh stickers will also win your attention.
  • Picture recognition, it suggest you an automatic response to pictures.

Allo is stepping in the world of messaging, it is still to guess whether google will take over what’s app user or not as what’s app is old school in messaging app. Allo could become most significant Chatbot messaging platform. It recommends replies in conversations, offers recommendations on nearby points of interest like finding movies, places to explore, news, entertainment, plays games with you, and so on. Allo friendly user interface can become its attraction point and can pull out users from other messaging apps. Google interrelating with Google Assistant feels more personal and conversational which let you interact in new style.