Amazon Chime

Amazon recently announced launch of Amazon Chime , Chime is a new unified communications service that makes meetings easier and more efficient than ever before. Using Amazon Chime one can do online meetings, video conferencing, make calls , do encrypted text chats and share content.


Amazon Chime PlansAmazon Chime is now available in three versions. Amazon Chime Basic Edition is free and lets users attend meetings, call another person using voice or video, and use Amazon Chime’s messaging and chat capabilities. Amazon Chime Plus Edition adds user management, such as the ability to manage an entire e-mail domain, disable accounts, or configure Active Directory, as well as 1GB per user of message retention – all for $2.50 per user, per month. Amazon Chime Pro Edition adds the ability to host meetings with screen sharing and video for up to 100 users and also includes support for mobile, laptop, and in-room video along with unlimited VoIP support – all for $15 per user, per month.


Amazon Chime features security capabilities built directly into the service. Messages, voice, video, and content are encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption. The visual roster makes it easy to see who has joined the meeting, and meetings can be locked so that only authenticated users can join.

Supported Devices

Amazon Chime Supported Devices

Chime is available for Windows, Mac OS X , Android and iOS. Unfortunately I was unable to find out any version for Linux. Discouraging for me as I am a regular user of Ubuntu

Partner Support

According to Amazon , Chime will soon be available through APN Level 3 partners and Vonage. With availability scheduled for the second quarter of 2017, Level 3 will add Amazon Chime to its suite of unified communications and collaboration solutions, providing enterprises with another powerful solution to help simplify and enhance communications.