Facebook Live

Get engage well through Facebook Live that enable your world to better approach. Looking at the fast growing future the consumption of information in the form of video content has been a resounding success and it reflects our inclination towards absorbing concentrated awareness to minimize the time. Despite of having busy and fast moving life, our hands still reach out to numerous platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. Have become essential to attract followers, Facebook still has managed to gather maximum active user base and maximum engagement, according to various sources.

The recent new option of Facebook live i.e. live streaming of video from your account has opened new dimensions, not only to the users, but to the commercial players and influencers as well. The users are outraging the access to brands through Facebook Live.

Pankaj Rahul Singh, co-founder at TSD CORP, has come up with a few tips to connect better with the audience through FB Live:-

Strong internet connection:– Mark out a plan with elements like, when to broadcast, script, host, guests, sound, lighting, noise, angles, etc. Draft an interesting description about your video so your audience is well informed and would want to tune in to the broadcast but a strong internet connection is a must for smooth streaming.

Connect with the audience:- Inform them of your broadcast timings so they get the right window to tune in. Just as we cram ourselves on the couch ahead of time when our favourite TV series start or Sports telecast is about to begin, create anticipation regarding your broadcast for better viewership numbers. This will give you substantial audience in the beginning itself saving you the energy of readdressing new viewership.

The Long and Short of conversations: Typically longer the broadcast, greater is your audience as it gives them more time to discover your streaming content. The important part is how to hold the audience. Be creative in your approach for interest build up among the viewers. However, the content is the key to the success of the long show. If the show entails something that doesn’t necessarily require a long time, you’ll find it impossible to retain your audience for long. So, make sure you keep this in mind at the planning stage itself. Long is better, but not always.

Be as interactive as possible: People tend to get a lot of viewers gradually while you stream but due to lack of interaction, they tend to tune out. This platform targets user engagement which will be effective only when you reply to your followers queries, compliments, etc. Try to address users by their handle while replying to them and do greet new viewers by giving them a brief about your video of what has happened so far or will unfold next.

Include influencers in your videos: People connect to their influencers and therefore tend to listen to their advice. Streaming a personality that has audiences trust and interest makes video more interesting with huge turn up. Bloggers and experts are in demand and rightly so, as they have accumulated great influential power and would boost a channels viewership and engagement significantly.

Tap the groups/ Facebook communities: If you have a Facebook group or community, send out notifications in there for a better viewership. Encourage feedbacks, share a brief about what you are going to present so you can build an audience with concerned interest.

Make use of the metrics for future reference: Facebook provides metrics for your live stream performance. It shows total reach, 10 second views, engagement, unique viewers, etc. These metrics can be analysed and used further for your next video. You can adjust timings as per peak hours that may gain you maximum turn up.