Microsoft has come up with the Internet Explorer (IE) 11, the most updated browser in this league. It is always hard to embrace a new interface for the first time. The Microsoft is no more supporting the older versions of IE so you have no choice to not to download IE 11. IE 11 consists of features which were not available in IE 10 like threat to your security, new web technology etc.

Let’s find out what IE 11 is offering us and making it different than IE 10.

  1. Secure Servers– Security has always been an issue with the IE 10. It has always been targeted easily through phishing activities. With IE 11, it gives a strict security measures and is considered to be one of the safest interface to work in. The Company will now stop fixing the problems in obsolete versions like IE 10 since IE 11 has been focused and worked upon.
  1. Speed– Now Speed will no more be issue with IE 10. Web pages require a little more time to open because of complexities and heaviness carried by them sometime. The IE 11, if compared with IE 10 is a bit faster and speedy.
  1. Infinite Tabs– Yes, the IE 11 lets you open infinite tabs without any issue of lagging, whereas, in IE 10 there was a limit of 10 tabs at one time. This process of infinite tab will not slow down and let us access lot of information easily.
  1. Competition and Compatibility – IE 10 was not up to the latest standard of web interfaces. It had an image of slow and obsolete browser because of not living up to the web standards that is issue of few displaying web pages and other browsers. The IE 11 fixes this problem and it is up to the expectations in the performance.
  1. WebGL Support– IE 11 provides WebE 11 provideGl support to the users. WebGl is basically a java script API which helps in rendering interactive 3D graphics in any browser without the use of plug ins. IE 11 provides this support effortlessl and securely. IE 10 lacked in supporting Webgl.