Prisma, a new photo app on board, has been quite popular over every mobile operating system. The app provides a series of “artistic” filters to users’ photos, and allows the user to share the “masterpiece” created on Facebook, Instagram, or the other social platforms via the Android share menu. Prisma is a free and available on Android v4.1 and up.

One might think that a new photo filter app is hardly worth anything – after all, we already have Instagram and a thousand would-be competitors for the app in question. But Prisma is something else. The filters are so extensive,artistic and dramatic that they practically turn each photo into an expressive piece of artwork. In some cases it’s hard to believe that the images are not real but actually created using nothing but semi-automatic digital tools / filters. Some of the filters are also  named after the artists that inspired them.

Filter strengths can be adjusted with a swipe gesture, though those looking for something fine-tuned – Prisma is not for you. Prisma is designed to be pretty low-effort. The app can click pictures from your device’s basic camera or import photos from the phone’s gallery and edit them.

Step 1

Click a picturep1

Step 2

Select the filter of your choice



Step 3

Your artwork will be created (using layers)


Step 4

You can increase the intensity of your filter by swiping right



Step 5

You can decrease the intensity of your filter by swiping left