Opera launches new concept browser Neon

In recent times, there has been no major innovation in the browser segment and Opera has come up with a concept browser Neon that has new features and a new look. The features of Opera browser which are loved by everyone have been rebooted with fun and fresh take on Speed Dial, visual tabs and omnibox which float in to start your browsing session. Opera Neon brings your computer’s wallpaper into the browser, thus removing desktop clutter. You can also set two free Neon-inspired wallpapers if you don’t want to see your desktop screen.

A newly developed physics engine breathes back life into the internet. Tabs and other objects respond like real objects, they have weight and move in a natural way when dragged, pushed and popped. This browser is more than a window to the internet and you can take control of everything visible to you. There is a video pop-out, split screen mode, rebuilt omnibox, improved visual tabs which makes the web surfing both easy and beautiful.

It is not required to stuff images you love into folders where you are unable to find them. You can collect your images into the built-in snap-to-gallery tool. Opera Neon lets you gather your media-playing tabs together in the player panel. This web browser offers you new features in a fresh design which helps you experience the web as it should be. There are colorful visual tabs which use images from the web pages so that you can find a specific site easily. Your favorite tabs float on the top.

Opera Neon’s gravity system pulls your most used tabs to a top position in Speed Dial. You can crop, snap and save images of your next online purchase, a beautiful photograph or a hilarious meme from the web and it will be saved to the gallery tab by Neon. Your image is labelled with its web address so that you can return to the source page whenever you want to.This web browser looks really interesting as it has really excellent features and it will be liked by the users everywhere.