Aetna builds its new customer base by merging with Apple through exclusive health app that has a wider approach and great heath advantages. This app promises to build healthier tomorrow through its deeply integrated programming. Aetna’s new development gives ability to its customers to manage their health and increase healthy outcomes. It is first ever IOS health app that is designed for mutli-device use and  will be available for iphone, ipad and Apple watch by early 2017.

Aetna is one of the country’s prominent diversified health care company, serving an estimated forty six million people with information and resources to help them make better assessments about their health care. It will be exciting to see how Apple and Aetna will create personalised health solutions that will transform health and wellness experiences for their consumers.

Lets look into what Aetna to offer us through this health app: –

  • Guidelines for care and wellness through health events like a new diagnosis or prescription medication with user-driven support from nurses and people with similar conditions.
  • Reminders for medication to help customers to take their medications on time, also it can connect them with doctor if require.
  • Incorporation with Apple Wallet that allows customers to check their deductible and pay a bill online.
  • Health plans personalised designed for on-boarding individual consumers according to their on going treatment, complete information through messaging and decision support to help Aetna members understand and make the most of their benefits.