Few media channels and newspapers have been circulating reports about a secretly run US government program called PRISM in which several niche companies are compromising personal data by leaking it to United States Government.

Google Co-founder and CEO Larry Page and Chief Legal Officer David Drummond on one of the blogs revealed Google doesnt have any idea about PRISM and no access has been given by backdoor or direct access. Similar type of comments from Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg denying knowing anything related to program named PRISM.

Editor’s View :

In United States federal laws are very strict and in case their is a threat to national security ,it can come to play. As we all know FBI , CIA and NSA are very powerful organizations  and run many ultra top secret programs , program like PRISM may be the possibility but chances of every organization sharing foreigner’s personal data seems to be absurd.But thin possibility may still exists of some of the top organization sharing the data or it may also be a rumour spread by someone to indirectly hit the stock market. Anything is possible…..