Do you use Google to search a query only?

Do you know Google as a simple search engine only?

Is that all to Google? ….Well NO

This article will show you the lesser known side of Google.

Following are some tips and tricks about Google you might not know yet.

1 Use Google as a stopwatch

You can use your Google as a Stop Watch. Just set a time duration and it will alert you after completing the time duration.


2 Do a Barrel Roll

Type Do a barrel roll in Google search bar and see how your screen rotates a full 360 degree.

3 Know the Flight Details

You can get the flight status quickly by entering the name of the Flight in Google.



4 Play a Funny Game

Search Google Pacman to play this funny game.


5 Another Funny Game

Type Zerg Rush in the search bar and see what happens!!!



6 Search two Queries In 1 Tab

Another useful trick to save your valuable time. Is that you can search 2 queries in a single tab using “OR operator”.Here’s how you can do this.Just search Query 1 OR Query 2 and you will get the results of both queries.For example, Android OR Apple.

7 Google’s Coin

Unable to make a decision ?

Just type “Flip A Coin” in search bar and see what happens..!!!


8 Google Gothic

Search for Google Gothic and click on i’m feeling lucky to create Google in your own name.

Roll It !!!

Google “Roll a dice” to play a funny game.