Super Mario Run

Remember our childhood favorite game ‘Super Mario Run’, now the wait is finally over as Nintendo officially announced a release date for their popular mobile title ‘Super Mario Run’, for Android users. Mark off 23 march the date in your calendar as Super Mario hit the android OS. Hop over your favorite game and revive your childhood memories, you can simply download this game through google play store.

You can download Super Mario Run for free access up to three early levels. If you want to unlock the full game, you’ll have to fork over a pretty lofty for a mobile game for $9.99. Nintendo marked the statement that pricing is kept facing initial repercussion and is onetime fee. He said “We hope to maximize the number of people who interact with our characters on mobile, to bridge them to console gaming and to create synergies.”

Although it is a traditional game divided in two dimensional. Throughout the game your mission is to move Mario forward collecting coins and stepping on the enemies moving forward to Mario castle. The game features three modes World Tour, Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder that will be available for free download. The game is played in portrait mode. You can register now to receive the notification of the download on March 23 on google store.

It looks Android users got luckier as it is revealed that android users will have integrated version of 2.0.0 for ‘Super Mario Run’. The update will add some new playable characters to the game,” the Verge reported. Looks like Apple ios users have to wait for update as they currently running at version of 1.1.2. Nintendo have step up towards an incredibly strict policy regarding protecting its IP, as on internet piracy stipulation is always been there over the Android devices. Speaking of safety, Nintendo have launched the anti-piracy measure in the ios version of ‘Super Mario Run’ and will remain committed to practice the same.

Nintendo had launched Super Mario Run back in December 2016 for iPhone and has witnessed around 78 million downloads till date,we can make out with it’s earlier record that it will have super hit to make also with android users.