Google Play music

Music streaming services have potentially increased in our country. According to an expert report by consulting firm Delloite, music streaming services in India are predictable to have a massive range to 273 million subscribers by 2020. Looking at demand Google has introduced the subscription plan with an introductory offer of Rs 89 per month if you sign up within the first 45 days.

You can enjoy unlimited streaming and download. The price of Google play Music is lesser than other music apps like Saavn and Gaana start from Rs 99, while Apple charges Rs 120 per month for its service.

Earlier Google Play Music was only limited to purchases only, you had to spend Rs 15 per song. With the latest subscription plan, however, you can enjoy unlimited streaming and download of the content in the app.

You can listen to your favourite music across a variety of languages, including Hindi, English, Tamil and more,” said Elias Roman, Lead Product Manager at Google Play Music. With its integrated contextual tools, you will also get music recommendation based on preference, activity and location. Google Play Music will create hand-picked playlists to personalise music for the listeners for a variety of occasions.

You can access the music from any device by simple login with your Google Account. ‘Google Play Music’ will also allow users to stream music using nominal data on mobile.

Google Play Music is available across Android, iOS and the web in India, users can stream music, download hits and even listen to them offline. The catalog will have over 40 million local and international hit.

Google made very late entrant to the streaming industry in India as compared to others local players such as Saavn, Gaana and Wynk. It might attract new users with its unique featuring mode, which even lets users watch the music videos right in the same app. Google Play Music will deliver personalized music based on location and recent preference in the playlist.