Disable UACvideo

How to disable User Account Control (UAC) in Windows 7

User account Control is a significant security feature in Windows ecosystem which prevents any software to make unauthorized changes in your operating system.

PHOTOS: What’s new in Microsoft Windows 8.1 !!!

Microsoft recently launched Windows 8.1 , It is the first service pack for Windows 8 OS launched on October 17 2013 . Lets find out new features and enhancements it brings for the users.

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack 2013 R2 available for Download

MDOP is a suite of virtualization, management and security technologies available as a subscription for Software Assurance customers that helps maximize the benefits offered...

Newly updated version of Security Intelligence Report launched by Microsoft

Recently Microsoft launched Security Intelligent Report which enabled users to access the vast amount of threat intelligence contained in the SIR. Microsoft have come up with newly updated version of the SIR app. This app includes over 750 pages of content from the latest SIR, volume 15.

How to: Boost Windows 7 performance

Everyone wants the operating system to perform better and run on the fly. As the days past by and loads of application being installed...
corrupt profile

How to fix a corrupted user profile in Windows 7/Vista

It is a very common problem faced by thousands of users facing corrupted profile in windows 7 or Windows vista , They are also...
Disable UAC

Setup Wireless ad hoc Network

Setting up an ad hoc network is very easy on your laptop or desktop with wireless card installed on it and we can also...
Disable UAC

Troubleshooting slow windows operating system

As time progresses , most of the users notice lag in performance while working on Windows based platform which is usually attributed to malicious...
Microsoft hacked

Microsoft’s Bounty Program for Hackers

It has been over a month since the biggest attack on INTERNET but Microsoft seems to have been rattled up by unforeseen events and...
RUN Command Cheatsheet

Cheatsheet: Windows RUN Commands

With timelines to meet and tasks to complete within given deadlines there is always room for shortcuts and who doesn't like shortcuts. I hereby come...

Creating Failover Cluster mode in Windows Server 2008 R2

The below tutorial will help you to configure Cluster mode in Windows Server 2008 R2, the diagram below is basic architecture of how Servers...
Windows 7 telnet

How to Install Telnet Client on Windows Vista or Windows 7 through CMD

By default Microsoft no longer includes telnet command starting from Windows Vista but same can be achieved through simple command from CMD console. Please...
Windows 8

Microsoft releases Windows 8 update

Microsoft Corp. has finally released much awaited update Windows 8.1 which is an upgrade to windows 8.Microsoft touch-enabled Windows 8 operating system at the...

News: Microsoft recognizes outstanding contributions by suppliers

Microsoft Corp.announced the recipients of the 2013 Microsoft Preferred Supplier Program (MPSP) Excellence Awards. The MPSP Excellence Awards recognize superior performance, exemplary service and...

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