corrupt profile

It is a very common problem faced by thousands of users facing corrupted profile in windows 7 or Windows vista , They are also astonished to find out their data and settings vanished as they get redirected to c:\Users\temp directory every time they login .

Resolution guide – Method 1 :

Create a new profile

1.  Go to User Accounts ( Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\User Accounts )

2. Click Manage another account.  If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

3. Click Create a new account.

4.  Type the name you want to give the user account, click an account type, and then click Create Account.

Copy files to new user profile

1. Log on as a user other than the new user you just created or the user that you want to copy files from.

2. Open Document Library (Libraries\Documents)

3. Click the Tools menu, and then click Folder Options ,If you don’t see the Tools menu, press Alt.

4. Click the View tab, and then click Show hidden files, folders, and drives.

5. Clear the Hide protected operating system files check box, click Yes to confirm, and then click OK.

6. Locate the C:\Users\Old_Username folder, where C is the drive that Windows is installed on, and Old_Username is the name of the profile you want to copy files from.

7.  Select all of the files and folders in this folder, except Ntuser.dat , Ntuser.dat.log, Ntuser.ini

8.  Click the Edit menu, and then click Copy.

If you don’t see the Edit menu, press Alt.

9. Locate the C:\Users\New_Username folder, where C is the drive that Windows is installed on, and New_Username is the name of the new user profile you created.

10.  Click the Edit menu, and then click Paste.If you don’t see the Edit menu, press Alt.

11. Log off, and then log back on as the new user.

If you have e‑mail messages in an e‑mail program, you must import your e‑mail messages and addresses to the new user profile before you delete the old profile. If everything is working properly, you can delete the old profile.

Method 2 :
1.  Restart your computer
2.  Just before Windows start up screen pops up press F8 and press on “Repair your Computer”

  • steve

    This did not solve my problem.I had to reinstall the Windows Os

  • Eric

    This was not of any help, since we are not ABLE to log in the computer.

  • Mats

    The problem for users to log in to the computer is solved by entering the Repair function, to get there press F8 when booting your computer then choose repair. In the next window you can get in to command prompt.
    I got in to the computer when I did the following.
    2. Restart and log in. The system will tell you that the NTUSER.DAT is no correct and that it is using a temporary file that will not be saved,

    Follow the instructions from above and it solved my problem.

  • SilverknightLV

    If you can log in with the temporary profile AND have a recent backup of your drive AND have an external drive (USB thumb drives work as well), you can try this:

    From the temporary Profile, create a new account with Administrator access.

    Log off the temporary profile (DO NOT SWITCH USERS).

    Log on to the new account.

    Run your backup program and restore the C:/Users/User<or whatever name it has)/ all NTUSER files to the external drive.

    In Folder options, view all including system files.

    Navigate to C:/Users/User and copy the NTUSER.DAT file to that directory. It should be missing. The dates/sizes of all the other NTUSER files should match the backup. If so, do not copy them.

    Log off the new account.

    Log on to the original account. All should be well. If not, then repeat with also copying the other NTUSER files in addition to NTUSER.DAT.

    This ALWAYS works for me. It seems that since NTUSER.DAT is always open, that it gets trashed during a BSOD crash.