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Setting up an ad hoc network is very easy on your laptop or desktop with wireless card installed on it and we can also share our internet from one machine to another as well by enabling Internet sharing. Internet through Ad hoc network is only possible via wireless network adaptor provided that you already have internet connection either through LAN cable or Dongle.

You need to follow the step by step guide to achieve internet connectivity through ad hoc connection:

Click Start>Control Panel

Ad-Hoc 1

Once in Control Panel, Click Network & Sharing Center

Ad-Hoc 2

After Clicking on Network & Sharing Center, Click on Change Adaptor Settings on Left hand  menu.

Ad-Hoc 3

Once you click above on Change Adaptor Settings, right click on you Wireless Adaptor and Click properties.

Ad-Hoc 4a

Ad-Hoc 4b

Once you click Properties, go on Sharing TAB of Wireless adaptor and make sure both options are unchecked and click OK.

Ad-Hoc 4c

Now come back to network & Sharing Center where you need to click “Setup a new connection or network”.

Ad-Hoc 5

After clicking on Setup new connection select last option where it says “Setup wireless ad hoc (computer to computer) network” and click Next.

Ad-Hoc 6

On next Screen where it will tell you about ad hoc connection click Next.

Ad-Hoc 7

Now on this screen put your Network Name which will act as broadcasting name through which you will connect to this ad hoc connection followed by security type and key if you want as security is optional but we recommend it to keep it as it will keep your neighbours away to connect to your network and click Next.

Ad-Hoc 8

Now it will setup the connection and will take you to next screen

Ad-Hoc 9

On this screen make sure you “Turn on Internet connection sharing” if you want to use the internet from this machine on another machine otherwise internet won’t work on another laptop or desktop.

Ad-Hoc 10

Once you turn on it will enable internet connection sharing and you can click Close to use the internet from one laptop to another.

Ad-Hoc 11

Now just like normal wireless connection go to nay wireless device and search your ad hoc network and click Connect to enjoy internet on another device.