Disable UAC

As time progresses , most of the users notice lag in performance while working on Windows based platform which is usually attributed to malicious softwares , wrong startup misconfiguration , using default device driver, disabled system updates  etc.

We will discuss how to make it back on track by troubleshooting some common problems ,

1. Ensure Anti Virus Software is installed and running  : A good antivirus softwares helps in blocking viruses , trojans , worms along with protecting from phishing and masquerading attacks using browser security addon.

Windows based systems are prone to viruses and malicious systems as compared to unix level systems . Ideally these security based softwares should be installed just after OS installation but can be installed later if OS core files are not infected.

Some of the Brands that can be trusted are Symantec , Kaspersky, Mcafee, Bitdefender and AVG.

2.  Ensure Firewall is enabled : Intruder will only be able access victims computer if it is able to connect to desired listening port . If the port is blocked intruder is left with very few options. So it should be ensured that frewall is on atleast with default settings . If your security software does provide firewall feature alo then this step will not be required.

3. Disable unusable programs at startup :  Use windows based utility MSCONFIG to disable software running at startup  it will speed up the boot time.

4. Use 3rd party Registry Softwares :  Clean up of registry is required at regular intervals  sadly Windows doesnt provide any kind of utility , Utilities like Registry Mechanic can be useful in cleaning up the registry , removing unused , duplicate  and error prone entries .

5. Use recommended Device Driver : Avoid using default drivers which comes with  Operating System , It is usually recommended to use device driver provided by the hardware manufacturer . Using default generic device driver may cause many problems including Network drops , Low Resolution display , AGP card overheating , improper utilization of hardware.