Microsoft Launches Cognitive Toolkit

Microsoft and its core team have transformed its Computational Network Toolkit or CNTK, by upgrading it to Cognitive Toolkit 2.0 beta, which provides deep learning technologies to the developers and an additional support for Python. Not only this, the new launch is designed specifically for speed advances in multiple kind of data such as image recognition, speech, text as well as search relevance on CPUs and GPUs.

The Cognitive Toolkit is all about deep learning, which keeps on enhancing day by day, it is a type of artificial intelligence work (AI) technique, where the researchers and developers use large amount of data, which is called reinforcement learning or training sets, which brings AI to the masses, according to the Microsoft blog post on CNTK2.0 beta.

To provide more advances to the deep learning community, Cognitive Tool Kit 2.0 represents a deep collaboration between NVIDIA and Microsoft, as stated by Ian Buck General Manager of Accelerated Computing Group at NVIDIA. As compared to the previous version Cognitive tool kit delivers two times performance boost. Apart from NVIDIA GPU support, it comes with Azure networking capabilities which also provide deep learning technologies powered by cloud. 

Face book and Google are also in the rat race of deep learning developments with their Tensor Flow and Torch offerings. However, the new benchmarks from Microsoft presently claim Cognitive Tool kit out performing others and have morphed into full- fledged offering.  It is not just used by some flagship products of the software giants, but available in some smart appliances also.