Net App Announces New Data Fabric Solution
Net App Announces New Data Fabric Solution

The American Storage Company Net App has introduced new data fabric solution, which will enable to maximize control and accelerate the secure movement of data across hybrid cloud. All solutions and services by Net App is at present a Google Cloud Platform Technology partner and the users are provided with more than 275 services to craft their hybrid cloud.

However, Net App services and solutions includes, The Cloud Sync Service, which allows customers continuously move and synchronize data in the cloud and gain greater visibility into data by AWS analytic tools. It also provides Cloud control for Microsoft Office 365 and also cloud backup solutions.

The evolving of IT in the digital era will also help the users to extract their data and compute resources, from where ever they reside and from anywhere from the hybrid cloud.

Another service of Net App is Alta Vault a cloud storage which enables speed recovery and reduces risks, providing users to securely backup data on premises and public Clouds. “Storage GRID Web-scale” is object based storage of Net App managing massive data-sets for the hybrid cloud in a single global namespace.

Snap center is the latest release centralizing data protection and has the capability to create custom plug-ins for the third party databases and applications.

In addition to it, Net App has also introduced Data Fabric Services which will help users to create their own data fabrics. These services and solutions not only reduce risks and speed recovery, but also back up data with security to any cloud. Vice President of Cloud Business Unit Phil Brotherton has stated that building Net App fabric solutions and services will efficiently secure and control the value of the user’s data on the cloud for maximum business profits.