Intel's Chipsets

With the passage of time PC industry demands new hardware and as usual Intel has launched Desktop CPUs and many other high performance chips to serve a particular market niche. Intel has confirmed that Kaby Lake, code name of the chips is expected to be launched by the end of this year and will be available for desktop PCs.

Apart from the basic 200 series of chipsets Kaby Lake processor will include from 20 on hundred series chipsets. Along with it Intel has plans to launch Apollo Lake Processors, which will be cheaper and embedded with features such as USB-C in 2-in-1 device and tablets.

The CPUs will include new chipsets, but you will get the same options as before and the 100 series chipsets will be more adequate for people, though it might be missing things like 10 Gbps USB 3.1. On the contrary, since there are fewer changes so Kaby Lake can be easily dropped into the present Skylake design which will enable the PC makers to get the kaby lake on the shelves as early as possible.

Not only this, Intel promises 12 to 19 % better performance of CPU over Skylake chips at the same price. It also affirms “double digit” improvement in GPU performance in the Y series parts and about 8-10% improvements in U series parts. But today’s launch includes only six chips, three each of U and Y series. The   chip series running on quad core processor will enable to manage graphics on three screens at the same time.

The forthcoming Kaby lake processor of Intel promises advancements in battery life, media capabilities along with performance and also making logging faster in your device by supporting functions like Windows Hello. Intel company’s 10-core i 7 Extreme chips might grab the “mega tasking’ abilities of Computer, but the Kaby lake z210 motherboard will be a step ahead of it.