Send Messages without Internet on Whats App

In the latest update Whatsapp has added enhancement to send messages without an internet connection. Whatsapp new update provides ability to queue messages in areas where there is poor or no connectivity of internet.

You can send Whatsapp messages to an individual or a group even when there is no internet connection, and the message will be sent automatically as soon as you get connectivity.

Feature was already present in Android version but soon the same feature is expected to be released soon for its iOS version. Previously queue limit for offline messages was 10 and new one would be 30 for android devices.

Whatsapp has been on sort of a rush to release fixes and features to counter growing competition amongst messaging platform, latest being the video call feature. Also Google Allo launch was speculated to be the most challenging one.

But seems whatsapp users wants to stick to their guns , maybe until they dont have to pay and is advertisement free !!!