Network Security
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IT and network security are top priorities for any organization. Internet threats to systems and data can impede business innovation, limit productivity and damage compliance efforts. We need preemptive threat mitigation solutions that protect your entire IT infrastructure.

Why we require security  ?

  • Protect vital information while still allowing access to those who need it
  • Provide authentication and access control for resources
  • Guarantee availability of resources

Who is the most vunerable ?

  • Financial Institutions ie Banks , Insurance Firms etc
  • Educational Institutions
  • Govt. and military establishments
  • MNCs with confidential information
  • E-Commerce Businesses

From whom to protect ?

  • Hackers : Who want to steal confidential information
  • Crackers: Who can compromise the security of a single or multiple user by knowing the credential
  • Phishers:  Who intrude and setup autonomous system or lure victims host for fraudulent activities
  • Others : Attacker some time just want to disrupt the system by flooding or other methods by using Dos(Denial of Service) attack

How to Protect ?

  • Firewall : Deploy Hardware or Software firewall to block unsecure ports and segmenting network into DMZ (Demilitarize) and Militarize Zone(MZ)
  • OS Security: Hardening OS security by tuning kernel parameters and fixing bugs which leave security loop holes
  • IDS/IPS Deployment : Intrusion Detection System (IDS) reads packet header and signature and checks if the traffic is unsecure or secure whereas Intrusion Prevention System blocks the traffic identified by IDS.
  • Check for Malicious Software : Virus , trojan , malwares can leak information which can be used by intruder to intrude or affect the network or infrastructure.