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S3cmd tool

AWS Route 53 failover feature adds a new dimension to cloud DNS service

Amazon Web Services Route 53 failover feature has added a new paradigm to Cloud Hosted DNS service . Amazon Route 53 feature is a...
S3cmd tool

Exploring Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a collection of cloud services hosted by Amazon company , The most central and well-known of these services are...
Simple Storage Service

How To : Mount Amazon S3 Bucket using S3FS

S3FS is a FUSE file system that allows you to mount an Amazon S3 bucket as a local file system. It stores files natively...

ZTE’s next is a self-adhesive phone

Everyone needs to know, when ZTE is going to announce and make an eye-tracking, self-adhesive phone. The un-named device is the grand-prize champion of you...

How to Secure Your Gmail Account

Gmail is the most popular email service to date, thanks to its creator, Google. Despite what the company does to keep your emails safe, you...

Installing Pokemon Go on Apple Ios

The new reality game is trending everywhere. This game became incredibly popular in a very short period of time. Pokémon players all around the...

Big Move: IBM’s cloud service is moving to Bluemix

IBM is losing the Soft Layer brand and moving it is bare-metal and exclusive machine business to Bluemix, which as yet has been known...
Amazon SNS

Mobile Development Easier with Amazon’s SNS Mobile Push

Amazon SNS with Mobile Push is a fast, fully managed, cross-platform push notification service in the cloud. With one simple API, application developers can...
S3cmd tool

Generate PPK key to access Linux/Unix Instance on Amazon

To connect to Linux/Unix Instance we need to use puTTY with ppk key as authorisation which can be created from Private Key (.pem) corresponds...
Elastic File Storge

Amazon launches “Elastic File System” service on AWS ; an alternative to NFS

In an summit held in San Francisco, Amazon announced the launch of new Storage service called Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) which provides a...
Amazon Chime

Do online meetings, video conferencing calls, chat and share content using Amazon Chime

Amazon recently announced launch of Amazon Chime , Chime is a new unified communications service that makes meetings easier and more efficient than ever...

What is GitHub and how to use it

GitHub is a code hosting platform that is meant for version control and collaboration. GitHub allows the user and others to work in unison...
CDN decision ?

CDN services for Web Delivery : 5 important things you must consider

Web is evolving at a rapid pace, so are the visitors along with the competition. But who are on top of the food chain...

Martin Casado of VMware honoured with Outstanding Young Computer Professional of the Year

Martin Casado, chief architect of networking at VMware, has been honored as a winner of the 2012 Grace Murray Hopper Award by the Association...

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