Gmail is the another service provided by Google Co. that is a free web based e-mail service which has proved to be pioneer in the world of e-mail services.

It’s benefits range from free mails, adding attachment files such as photos,documents etc. ,cloud network, a certain gigabyte amount of storage,spam filters and offline access. One can also categorise their mails such as primary,social,promotions,starred and mark unrequied mails as spam. It provides easy search filters to search a particular mail from the list of mails by typing the spelling of sender in search bar.Gmail can also be used to synchronise and form a back up of important information stored on android user uses.

One can recover all the information such as contacts ,photos,messages synchronised with the gmail account when it is lost.BUT what if one forgets the password of there account?No need to panic.Google has many alternate solution for password and account recovery.

Recovery just a few steps ahead.


  • Click on ” Need help”.



  • Click on “forgot password”.



  • If you have given a recovery email then open that email account and click on the password changing link.
  • If you have given your phone number then they will either text you or call you for confirmation of a pin after entering which you can set the new password


  • You could also recover your account by answering some private questions such as about recent activity or name of some receiver of mails.



And you are all set to use your account with new password.These steps are must to ensure security of account against unauthorised accesses.