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WhatsApp is the most popular social media platform. People have stopped getting a sms pack and prefer to have a net pack instead.  You can share not just text messages but pictures, audios and videos as well. It is a very useful application which now is becoming a need for everyone.

Google Drive  is an online drive where data can be stored. It is nothing but an online pen drive system. It can store any type of data and data can be shared to other people as well.

WhatsApp chat is something which everyone likes to have a copy of it all the time. Everyone likes to have it saved on their mobile phones. But we there are times when we have to uninstall the app for some reasons or factory rest the phone . All what troubles us is that our chat will be deleted. Whatsapp has an amazing solution to this. We can create a backup of our chat on google drive and restore it whenever we want to. The drive is an online storage system so there are no chances for it to get corrupt or something.

How to create a backup?

Step1 Open your WhatsApp.

Step 2 Go to the three dots (WhatsApp menu button) Screenshot_2016-08-06-19-07-16 on the top rightmost side.

Step 3  Go to Settings.
Step 4  Go to Chats.

Step 5  Go to Chat backup.
Step 6  Click on backup. Firstly the local backup would start.
Step 7  Once the local backup is done, google drive backup starts automatically.
Step 8 You can select one of the options in the google drive settings->Backup to Google Drive.
How to Restore the chat?
If you have uninstalled whatsapp for a reason, you can restore the chat :-

Step 1 Install the app.
Step 2 After it gets Installed, open the app .
Step 3 Allow WhatsApp to get connected to google by clicking on OK.
Step 4 If there exists a backup it would show. Click on restore.