S3cmd tool

Amazon Web Services Route 53 failover feature has added a new paradigm to Cloud Hosted DNS service . Amazon Route 53 feature is a part of Amazon’s Cloud computing platform called AWS (Amazon Web Services) . Route 53 provides scalable and highly available DNS services.

As we all know we cannot give weight-age/priority to multiple A records pointing to the same hostname. Suppose if we are running a server named A and other B hosting same application and we want a application failover based on DNS service , we can easily achieve it using Amazon’s Route 53 service.

Each health check can be configured based on triggers which define parameters using which route 53 will check if the origin is up. These parameters can include based on ICMP , HTTP or any port number on which application is running.

Each health check will cost $0.50 for endpoints within AWS and $0.75 for endpoints outside AWS. ELB and S3 endpoints are excluded from billing

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