Google translate is a translator application that is popular worldwide. It has considerable advantages as a translator from one language to another. One can have choice of various languages in it and some other ways to make you understand languages in simplest way. Some of the tricks are quite entertaining and complete package of seeking knowledge with accurate results. 

Add Google Translate to your site

You can translate version of your webpage using the Website Translator plugin. Add the plugin to your site visit the website Translator setup.

Semi-real-time translation

This is for android users only, you can download the google translate android app that allows the users to speak to each other through voice capturing feature in selective translation language.
Foreign site search

From google language tools you can get results from appropriate foreign language sites automatically translated into your language of choice. For e.g. if you type “Amsterdam bike rentals” or “Brazilian fashion trends”, you will get results in selective foreign language.

Translate files

You can translate your Google Docs, in case you don’t want to upload to Docs, you still have translation options. The  translator has a big red “UPLOAD” button in the top left; just click it, select your file, choose translation options, and you’re good to go. (Note that file size is limited to 1 MB)

Translate Reader items quickly

Now typical reader with less foreign-language can translate the selective language in a great time-saver. Just click the gear in the top right of Reader to bring up your settings, then select the “Send To” tab. Scroll down, click “Create a custom link,” then paste these values into the fields:

  • Name: Translate this item
  • URL:${url}
  • Icon URL:

This will open the item in a new tab and automatically translate it into your favored language.

Now enjoy having no language barriers, all thanks to smart google translate tips and trick. Expand your wisdom in the world of different languages.