OnePlus 3 + 3T Android 7.0 update

OnePlus lately released its first Android 7 beta build for the OnePlus 3, bringing the phone up to the latest version of the Android.  There isn’t much of a visual change compared to the OnePlus 3T’s quick settings menu but the most obvious changes in Android 7 brings a completely redesigned notification area. Now you can together check the notifications, inline reply support, split-screen multi-window and a new double-tap shortcut for switching between the last two apps.

OnePlus 3 and 3T are set to remain on the same software track going forwards; the control on the OnePlus 3T should be the same when the update arrives for both phones later in this month. With built-in display the scaling, makes it easier to see more (or less) on screen at a time. There are five different scaling levels will allow you to experience more of the world- the default “medium” level is the same as on Marshmallow, while the second-smallest “small” level basically mirrors the scaling of the Pixel. Allowing Text, menus and graphics shrink down a little to allow more on screen. Speaking of which the DPI scaling affects the OnePlus launcher to “small” and “smallest” giving you five icons per row, while the others stick with the default four.

Speaking of the launcher, the OxygenOS 4 home screen setup brings across all the features of the OnePlus 3T hosting a handful of additional tweaks and the removing of Google search bar gives replacement to standard widget. These changes also give you more space of your own widgets.

The ideas of new simplified home screen let you get rid of unwanted clutter and will let you live off on the wanted widget. In case the update is not available for your OnePlus 3T or OnePlus 3, you can download a VPN app but don’t forget to change your location to Canada, so update doesn’t roll out. Once you install it, turn off the VPN and enjoy the oxygenOS 4.