Fast internet provides a lot of work to be done in a short span of time; sometimes a few tweaks can do wonders to make your broadband connection work faster. Speed of the internet relies on software as well hardware. Fix up your internet speed by the following speed tests.

 Upgrading your router

The first and foremost thing is to upgrade your router, no matter even if you have bought a classic router of Linksys’ WRT54G, which supported 802.11 g providing speed up to 54 Mbps in year 2002, but  now there are much more faster routers in the market these days. The latest 802.11ac wireless standard specifies through put rate of 500Mbps in a single link.

Hop over to Mega Path Speed Test

Mega Path Speed Test Plus, offers enhanced features to test broadband connection. It provides jitters and latency tests, packet loss along with upload and download calculations. Though it takes a few minutes longer, but helps to determine if something is wrong with your internet connection, apart from the average upload and download speeds.

Second opinion

Flashier looking, broadband performance evaluator, is the next option for those who keep a check on their speed frequently, as it does a little more. Users can create their account, Save and get their results and also rate their ISP.  You can flip to another page and can compare and speed test the results of other broadband owners of your locality.

HTML5 internet speed test

SpeedOF.Me, the HTML5 is another speed test on the forefront of internet, is considered to be the most accurate and smartest online bandwidth test, and the flashiest speed test without flash. As it uses HTML technology it works with iPad, iPhone, Android and other devices also.

ISP speed tests

Ookla Company used as the underlying engine of Mega Path,, is also used for the official ISP branded speed tests to check your download and upload quality. It’s a smart idea to go for official ISP speed tests, as ISP’s cannot even argue, if you go for their own tests to determine the poor quality of internet connection.

Now step up your Internet Speed with all these simple steps and enjoy fast internet serving.