Whats App is the most popular app with more than 1 billion users globally across 180 countries. It has made us dependent on it by its easy and viable features. This amazing messenger is available on every platform and is largely used by almost everyone on this planet. Hence, making it indispensable for all of us.

We use it regularly on daily basis to communicate with friends, family, work related issues etc. Despite the large number of users globally, we still do not know some hidden tricks that Whats App provides. Let us explore it more and get to know this app better.

  1. Send Wats App conversation to Email easily– Sometimes, there are important conversations that are to be preserved on the emails for future references. For this Whatsapp has this easy feature to transfer all the Whats App chat to your email without taking much time. To do this, we have to follow a simple step i.e. Go to your Whats App and press the contact for a few second, a pop up window can be seen where you will see an option of Email. Just click on this option and it will directly transfer all your chat to the synced email id without taking much of a time.
  1. Share the heavy files through Whats App At One Go– Now it is easy to share files such as zip, pdf, exe, apk, rar, and huge files through Watsapp. For this, we have to follow few steps

Step 1- Install Dropbox and Cloudsend app.

Step 2- Click on CloudSend and you will be prompted to link with the Dropbox app, click Allow

Step 3- Share the huge file on CloudSend which you want to send to your WatsApp contact

Step 4- File shall automatically be uploaded to your Dropbox and link will be created for that file

Step 5- Copy this link and share it with your contact on Whatsapp.

  1. Turn the words into Bold/Italics– The words can easily be converted into bold/italics in a second just like any other office or web application. Put an asterisk * on either sides of the word like *Samantha* and it will turn into bold word Samantha. For Italics add an underscore on either sides of word like _Samantha_ and you will get Samantha. Isn’t it great?
  2. 4. Customized Contact’s Notifications – Another thing we can do with Whatsapp is to customize the notification for special contact. We talk to several groups of people and some of them are really special for us. In order to keep those special contact’s messages aside and not let them mix with other contacts, we have an option to allot a specific alert tone to that contact. It can easily be done by a simple step Go to Chats, click on specific chat and Tap on contact name at top then custom notifications.
  3. Hiding Whatsapp images from the Gallery – Every day we receive lot of images, videos, memes on our Whatsapp that are automatically saved on to your gallery or albums, thereby creating an additional burden. There is a trick that can hide these images and videos from our gallery. Iphone users can go to PhoneSettings then check Privacy then click on Photos and turn off WhatsApp.

The same process is a bit cumbersome for Android users. So they need to open file manager app which they have installed. If it is not installed in your handsets, then install it from Best File Manager app. In file manager app go to the Whatsapp folder and then media. You can then rename the “WhatsApp Images” and “WhatsApp Video” folders to “WhatsApp Images” and “WhatsApp Video” respectively. This will hide the WhatsApp images and videos from Android phone.

You can use these tricks and can get the best out of this widely used messenger.