Tesla Motors Inc has been an motivation for many automakers and now Maserati to join in the race electric vehicle. Maserati engineering chief- Roberto Fedeli announced the companies plans to enter the EV race is expected to hit the market most probably in 2020, so it is too early to say something, but it will be specifically something distinctive from the electric cars present in the market or the ones to be released later.

As the Maserati cars are known for the sound of the engine, so the most important task for Maserati electric vehicle will be to make it feel like Maserati, as the electric engine will not have the sound for which it is known for.

Tesla motors, the apparent leader in the market of electric cars, will face competition with the advent of Maserati, engineered by Robert Fedelli, an Italian engineering guru and mastermind behind creating the best modern vehicles of Ferrari.

Maserati EV will be much more refined technically as compared to the execution and quality of Tesla’s electric cars. Present electric cars are too heavy for the drivers to enjoy driving, but according to Fedelli, Maserati will be something unique embedded with the most relevant desired specifications for the users.

The car will be a sleek grand touring coupe unlike a Sedan or an SUV. The exciting aspect of the present electric vehicles is the breakneck acceleration, but it seems to get dampened because of the weight of the lithium-ion batteries on the twisty roads. So Maserati EV’s key feature will be to make it lighter and see to it that the roaring gas engine under the hood does not create much sound.

With Fedeli’s statements, enthusiasts would likely be looking forward to what kind of electric car Maserati would come up with under his guidance. It might not be looking to challenge Tesla Motors like Henrik Fisker’s new company, but it will likely be an automobile masterpiece nonetheless.