Google is ready to roll out its all new operating system Android Nougat, packed with excellent new features; it is worth the wait for Android fans. Have an insight into the top 5 enthralling features of Google’s latest version of Android.

New Instant App

The new Instant Apps introduced by Google is really very exciting, as the users can use it instantly in the Google Play Store. There is no need for you to download the app or purchase it, you just have to simply open the app store page and find out something of your interest. It is one of the killer feature and game changer for consumers.

VR Experience

Google has introduced Daydream software and hardware platform to unify the mobile VR experience. It is very beneficial as the vendors like LG, Samsung and other companies will not have go to others for VR platforms, as only one VR App or experience can work across all Android devices.

Open more than one App

The latest handsets in the market have advantage of huge displays, but with Android Nougat the users can share the screen with two apps side by side, means that Android N provides multi window app support, so you can watch You Tube videos along with responding your emails.

Battery Saving Feature

Android’s N new “Doze on the Go” feature is ahead of the “Doze” feature introduced by the Android 6.0 Marshmallow saves battery only when the device is in a dormant state, but Android 7.0 brings further enhancements to Doze by applying a subset of CPU and network restrictions while the device is unplugged with the screen turned off, but not necessarily stationary, for example, when a handset is travelling in a user’s Android N users will enjoy saving battery even when the phone is in motion, and anytime the display is off.

System Updates in the Background

Last but not the least is that the operating systems will take place in the background in the Android N, as it is in Google’s Chrome OS. The OTA updates will be down loaded in the background over the Wi-Fi by the operating system, installing them into a separate system image in the device’s storage. The next time the device reboots, it will boot to a novel updated image