The first Jaguar luxury performance SUV brings together sporty handling and vivid beauty with all the efficiency.  It is well equipped with advanced technology to its core, Jaguar F- Pace is perfectly designed for all sorts of roads.  All new advanced In- control multimedia is  great advancement that will keep you entertained and connected with the outer world.


The interior is attractive and classy that surly makes it perfect combination of luxurious beauty in and out. With extraordinary performance and elegant look, this SUV has too good to feel for its consumers

This compact luxury SUV is the first model, manufactured by British car manufacturer Jaguar, is inspired by the concept of C-X17 and is available with the 3.0 I V6 221 KW Turbocharged Diesel. Jaguar company claims that this car is perfect blend of what all its closest competitors do best, so that means the handling of the Porsche Macan meets the practicality of the Audi Q5 and the relatively cost-effective pricing of BMW’s X4.


Ex Showroom Price

Jaguar F-PACE 2.0 l (132 kW) Diesel Pure Rs 68.40 lakh
Jaguar F-PACE 2.0 l (132 kW) Diesel Prestige Rs 74.50 lakh
Jaguar F-PACE 3.0 l (221 kW) Diesel R-Sport Rs 1.02 crore
Jaguar F-PACE 3.0 l (221 kW) Diesel First Edition Rs 1.12 crore

Normally sporty looking cars boot is small as they have sloping rooflines, but with Jaguar F- Pace it is different as its boot is larger than all its rivals, though its seats are a bit up and down. There is admittedly sufficient space in the rear seat for two adults. Equipped with standard wheels at a lower trim level and an adaptive suspension makes F-Pace ride decently and amazingly comfortable.

Add more meaning to SUV experience with F-Pace which is a perfect combination of style, performance and satisfaction. Jagur F-PACE is certainly in a league of its own in terms of appearance and performance.