Windows XP EOL

Perhaps the most famous and loved Operating System , Windows XP , has been declared “End Of Life” by Microsoft. Surprisingly along with it support for Office 2003, Exchange 2003 and SharePoint 2003 has also ended. It is a major jolt to existing XP users who would be able to use the operating system but not update it , making them vulnerable to security loopholes.

As per Microsoft its more then a decade old and is not suitable to face the current security threats. Separate lobby is also speculating it as a move to force users in buying the new products by shelling out money which will be fruitful for Microsoft’s business.

Demographics of the existing Windows XP user base points to developing or under developed countries which will be the most affected. This strategy may backfire also , rather then helping in expanding market reach it may dent the brand image of Microsoft as many will try to switch to Desktop flavors of Linux or either will go for Mac OS.

Good Bye XP  🙁