Universal Analytics

Google is well known in technology circles for delivering updates and service upgrades at a rapid growth. As an optional update for “Google Analytics” ,  it has introduced Universal Analytics.  Apart from the same historical data Google has promised more features and better insights then before.

Additional features introduced by Universal analytics will instantly deliver “feel good feeling” for tech savvy and advance users but it may not make a difference for novice blogger. Some of the additional features are

  • You would be able to connect multiple devices, sessions, and engagement data with the User ID , ensuring all activity is attributed to one user in your reports.
  • Introduction of flexible tracking code which will enabled to track the traffic from multiple digital device.
  • More simplified and accessible console , allowing to exclude refferals , search pattern etc and control search sources

Right now the update is optional but soon it will become mandatory for all users.  For novices it may prove painful as they have to replace GA code with the new one. So sooner the better…