First glance at PiCycle will make you believe it to be a bicycle from outer space. It is curvy, cute and smart looking. Picycle has an incredible design with both wheels being connected through Aluminum Rod. Rod is hollow and arc shaped.  Battery and electric components are place inside the same arc shaped tube to prevent the circuit from adverse weather conditions.

Arc rod also acts as a radiator. Coupled with the patented phase change material, heat can easily exit the batteries and then dissipate through the tube. The tube will not get hot to the touch, but under heavy riding conditions can get warm.

PiCycle is powered by 1.7KW motor making it reach 35 km/h easily . Center of gravity is nearly optimal , not only does it allow tight turning that hugs the pavement, the bike can be easily thrown over a shoulder to be carried up stairs.

Only painful thing about it is the price , For this revolutionary bike you have to shell out 6000 dollars which is quite high for a bicycle.