Windows 10 is the latest,responsive and effective operating system and the first windows with 3D imagination support and hologram projections. Though it capable and effective enough in terms of operating speed and storage but sometimes it may bog down due to large number of start up programs.

Startup programs are the programs which are automatically started as soon as the windows start. They are also referred to as boot up programs. For example : a software of antivirus program is a startup program. It launches as son as the windows is turned on. The problem with a large number of startup programs is that they may make the booting of computer slower .

However this can be stopped by just following these simple steps:


Right click on the empty area. Select task manager from task bar.                 



Click on the “Startup” tab in task manager. Go through the startups .If you want to disable any right  click on it and then choose disable.



In this version of operating system we also have an option to know what is the purpose of specific startup program and its location and properties. A column of “Startup Impact” tells how much the specific program is affecting the startup time.