Who all are lazy enough to make their work done by someone else? Well most of us won’t admit but we don’t leave such a chance. Right? Well, Windows 10 brings us with such an amazing feature- CORTANA. Forgot where you files are? Ask it. Need to know how a thing is done? Ask it. Need to search on net? Directly ask it and it will open up a webpage for you.

Well, you can use Cortana in two simple ways:-

  1. Verbally using voice commands.
  2. Text by typing the commands.1372710809981715815

What all things you can do on Cortana using WINDOWS 10?

  • Know the weather in your area. (Location services should be enabled)
  • Know your schedule.
  • See your notes.
  • See directions to a place.
  • See the time it would take to go to a place from your location. (Location services should be enabled)
  • See the status of your flight.
  • Create an appointment or shit the timings of an appointment. (Use commands like Move my 4pm meeting to 8pm)
  • See the reminders or set a new one.
  • Check your alarms or set a new one.
  • Search anything on net – Restaurant nearby, Movie ShowTime, Price of a vehicle, General knowledge questions etc.
  • Search any file in any drive.
  • Uninstall a program