FileZilla is a free software cross platform FTP containing two services of FileZilla client and FileZilla server. While client binary being available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X , server binary is available only for Windows. Client division supports FTP, SFTP & FTPS formats. It has certain advantageous features such as varied file format support at various platforms, supports resume that is file transfer can be paused and resumed,quick or remote file editing options and search options to search file remotely. It is featured with tabbed user interface to browse during transferring file or multitasking between many servers.It also provides a synchronised directory browsing option.

How to use FileZilla??


Open FileZilla.



From the file menu select site manager and then new site.


 STEP 3:

Enter the server address you are connecting to in the host box. Select server type accordingly.choose log on type as normal and enter your details in username and password. Click save and exit.


Next time you can directly connect to this site you saved.