Adobe lightroom

The latest update released by the Abode Lightroom for Android has improved some of its features, which has made this app great. It is the world’s first RAW mobile photography solution. It’s an app that will help you to shoot, edit and also share RAW/DNG photos on Android smart phone. You can download this app if your Android is powered by 4.1 or new, as it is free of charge.

It is good news for lightproof users, as previously they could not import photos from their cameras on to their Android devices to do some further editing, they had to convert files to DNG via some other app and then import to lightroom for editing, but now with the latest update, it will be easier to import photos directly from cameras to lightroom.

The lightroom version 2.2 is powered by the option to connect the camera directly to the Android device with USB OTG cable, which will select the photos and will directly import it into the Android application. Later on you can sync your lightroom photos with all the other devices as well, which are compatible with the new features added in the lightroom.

The new update has brought Android app in par with iOS. Apart from its Android app, Abode has also added new features on the web, which will enable Cloud users to view and share image across multiple devices. November update has ability to add a header graphic, add text describing the sections and add sections within your shares. Now you can send your images from the lightroom on the web connectivity and showcase your creativity online.

Not only this, apart from sending your images from lightroom on the web, you can also download original files from the lightroom on the web with ease and bring beautiful images to light. Now you can craft and share professional quality images, with the help of lightroom from your smartphone or tablet.