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Are you looking for a specific item and want to know if a certain business carries it or has it in stock? Now get rid of all your need for search of a phone number. If that business has a public account set up through Viber, you can now get in contact with them through this outlet and potentially get the answers you’re seeking!

Viber is pushing out a new update to it’s communication app that will allow users to more easily connect with businesses where they shop. With a new feature being introduced called Public Accounts; businesses will now have a way to provide easy access for their customers for whatever reasons that particular customer may be trying to get a hold of them. There are some 1,000 Public Accounts that are debuting at launch, including accounts for The Huffington Post, Yandex and The Weather Channel, to send out updates and other information to users who choose to subscribe to them.

The customer service component, meanwhile, will be coming soon. Michael Shmilov, COO of Viber, is reported to state that by the end of November, Viber’s API will be integrated with between 10 and 15 popular CRM packages. Businesses can then send and read their Viber messages alongside all of their other social media, email and messaging interactions. Public Accounts will also open the door to Viber hosting bots as well although Viber itself will not be building these.

How It Works:

When a brand sets up a public account in Viber, they give you a way to reach them without looking for a phone number. Instead you tap an icon or simply shoot over a text. It’s an approach to customer service that many consider more appealing than waiting on hold. We’ve seen similar efforts elsewhere in the industry, such as Facebook’s fan pages and Messenger’s bots.

Search for businesses by tapping the Public icon in the main menu. The button appears as long as you’re running version 6.5 or above.