Vespa is known for its classic design which has not changed yet. Vespa is soon going to launch its first electric scooter called Elettrica. It can be said that this scooter will not be cheap. Final image of the scooter has not been released yet and the image released is a conceptual one. Elettrica would be retaining the classical design as seen in the image. Piaggo Group, parent company of Vespa said that it is working with the most advanced players to bring Elettrica by 2017. It is said that the vehicle will be a connected scooter.

There are no specifications yet but it is said that the scooter will have smartphone apps on it among other features. There will be a cheaper-to-run, eco-friendly power plant in the vehicle. No official release date of the scooter has been announced but the company has said that they will be providing all the details once the Milan Motorcycle show starts. It is yet to be known whether the vehicle would come in multiple colors or only in the blue metal color as shown in the image.

The shiny steel body with its blue accents is striking and bit more aggressive but similar color schemes have been there in Vespa’s 70-year old history. 411,700 Vespas have already been sold this year, according to the reports. As more electric vehicles hit the road Elettrica will also be launched. In contrast to the electric blue accents the body of this vehicle looks quite good for a change.

Vespa had been a trusted brand since very long and after the launch of its electrical scooter it will create a craze in the market. There have been many electrical scooters but none of them carries a brand label. Elettrica will surely give tough competition to other electrical scooters present in the market.