Slingshot is a water purifier developed by Dean Kamen , To run it any combustile fuel source can be used to power it and produce upto 1000 litres of purest water/day.

It is powered by Stirling engine and follows a process of vaporization and condensation to get the purest form of water. Unpure particles do not tend to get vapourize and are left as residue. Even cow dung can be used to power it.

In Tedmed 2010 , Dean gave a elaborate presentation about slingshot. Some of the highlights were

  • five years of operation without overhaul or maintenance
  • Uses less than a kilowatt of power (lower than the power consumption of a hair dryer)
  • Generates 1000 liters of pure water/day
  • meets the U.S. pharmacopoeic standard for water for injections
  • requires no pre-treatment, pipelines, engineers, consumables (osmosis membranes, charcoal etc.), or installation permits