new zealand bans software patent

New Zealand creates history ; Bans software patent in parliament vote

New zealand parliament has created history by banning any kind of software patent ; According to the new legislation ,  any kind of software...

Scientists create micro-battery using 3D printing

Scientists have successfully created a Lithium ion micro-battery the size of a grain of sand. A team of researchers from Harvard University and the...

Study: Taste of beer causes chemical reward in male brain

In a study published online in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology, scientists from the Indiana University School of Medicine say the taste of beer alone triggers...
Apple imac upgraded

Apple’s iMac upgraded with heavy gear

Apple today iMac with fourth generation Intel quad-core processors, new graphics, next generation Wi-Fi and faster PCIe flash storage options. The entry-level 21.5-inch iMac features...
Four Simple Steps to use twitter

Four simple steps to use twitter

Twitter is a easy platform that keep you updated with what's happening in the world. There are many things that can keep you updated...
Solar Impulse Flight

News: Solar powered plane completes first leg of transcontinental trip

Solar Impulse, the world’s most advanced solar powered plane has just completed the first of the five legs of its trans-continental journey, flying fuel-free...

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moto-z 2 play

Moto Z2 Play: Designed for more than just phone!

Motorola has come up with all new standard benchmark with their new edition Moto Z2. This smartphone is powered with a Snapdragon 835 chipset and...